WordPress 3.8 is a welcome upgrade – nice admin fonts

Just upgraded (went out Dec 12 but just saw it) to WordPress 3.8.

Love the new admin interface (way better fonts).

And as always, it’s great having to upgrade something and not have to worry about things being broken. Good job WordPress!


Something is up – my Alexa Rank dropped by 4 Million+ in past 3 months

Happy New Year everyone!

Nothing much I just wanted to share:

* I ended up in alexa for various reasons and figured hey might as well check my rank and guess what I found – dropped from ranking around 4M to 8M in the world in the past 3 months. Don’t get me wrong, I am not in the business of making my blog popular but a drop of 4M, something must be up. Could there be a surge of new sites (that many new sites? that many new businesses? in the past 3 months). Or maybe the holiday season and people just hit some existing sites they hit only seasonally. Not really into solving this mystery but interesting nevertheless.



I guess I am not a popular kid anymore 🙂

And can I just say wow, there are lot of sites out there…



Switched my blog’s social media plugin to AddThis

Just wanted to share (ran into this) social media plugin and figured what better way to test it than use it in my site. So far so good. Impressive simplicity but powerful analytics (smart enough to show which channel/media the user uses to share often)

It’s easy – just go to then sign-up

I wouldn’t describe steps (because yes, it is that easy). But of course you might not always be lucky (so feel free to shot me a message if I could be of help).


blog site update

I have recently consolidated some of the sites I maintain into one of my hosting accounts. (will post about the provider soon – so far so good)

And that includes this blog. Along with this move I have also updated to the latest version of BlogEngine.NET – guilty of not being up to date for a couple of reasons:

Anyways, here are some notable changes: [more]

1) posts url are not longer timestamped – i.e. blog/post/yyyy/mm/* still works but new links are now just blog/post/*

    – i just noticed earlier actually that when i upgraded to v1.6 i revised something to make the URL pattern yyyy/mm instead of the default yyyy/mm/dd. this caused all old post urls linked from outside to not work. good thing there is a setting in the BE.NET admin that indicates to not include timestamps in the URL. and as a side-effect the yyyy/mm pattern worked fine.

    – along with the issue mentioned above, google’s crawl also failed because of the missing pages and thus affected rankings and statistics. hopefully it should stabilize soon

    – on this note, i had to manually set custom crawl rate in google webmaster site due to these changes

2) other BlogEngine.NET new stuff for version 1.6 – most important of which is the Akismet anti-spam comment filter. Clearly BE.NET users have been plagued by spam recently.

    I have made changes but not to BlogEngine Core so hopefully future updates will be more seemless.

.NET Web

Register for Visual Studio 2010 Beta Exams (.NET 4.0)

Time for (free) Beta Exams again

Information can be found from here

Register via

For easier reference, exams available are listed below (along with PromoCode)

Exam 71-511, TS: Windows Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 – 511BC

Exam 71-515, TS: Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 – 515AA

Exam 70-513: TS: Windows Communication Foundation Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 – 513CD

Exam 70-516: TS: Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 – 516B1

Exam 70-518: Pro: Designing and Developing Windows Applications Using Microsoft .NET Framework 4 – 518PE

Exam 70-519: Pro: Designing and Developing Web Applications Using Microsoft .NET Framework 4 – 519ZS

And as always, word of advice, read and master the items in prep guide to increase your chances of passing the exams.

Good luck!

.NET Business Intelligence Web

Safety settings on this machine prohibit accessing a data source on another domain

Encountered this message many times with sites using PivotTable component of OWC11 (office web components) “Safety settings on this machine prohibit accessing a data source on another domain

This is a browser restriction (at least with IE). Before resolving this, make sure you are accessing a trusted site.


1. Add site to the zone (e.g. it is recommended that you only allow your trusted sites to be exempted from this restriction). So add the site (if you trust it) to your Trusted Zone. Internet Options > Security

2. Modify Security Level of that Zone (e.g. Trusted Zone). Custom Level button. A pop-up dialog should appear. Go the Miscellaneous Settings section. Then you should be a setting for “Access data sources across domains”. Recommended to set it to Prompt. If that option is selected you will be prompted when a component requires this permission.

Hope that helps.

General Web

Philippine broadband connections affected by damaged pan Asian cable

Telecom services provider Smart Communications said a pan-Asia cable cut early Wednesday caused adverse disruptions in its international and broadband services. In a statement, Smart stressed the disruption affected its international voice and SMS services. Its Smart Bro and Smart Bro Plug-It services are also affected by the cable cut, which was reported to have happened around 10 a.m. “We are still awaiting word on the cause of the fiber cuts,” the statement said. “In the meantime, Smart would like to assure the general public that close coordination is on-going with our network counterparts abroad to aid in restoring normal services as soon as possible.”
The affected undersea cable is the Asia-Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2), which runs between China and Taiwan but also connects to the Philippines, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

As of the morning of 12 August 2009, several undersea cable systems have been reported down. While harsh weather is suspected, the precise cause is being investigated. More specifically, the following cable systems are down: APCN1, APCN2 and SMW3. In the case of APCN2, this morning’s outage has completely impaired all traffic coming out of the Philippines due to a pre-existing fault in the process of restoration.
Other systems such as C2C, EAC and TGN-IA are not affected, and we have not received any outage advice from their respective network administrators. Customer circuits carried on APCN1, APCN2, SMW3 are affected. In addition, you will experience slow internet browsing because a significant portion of the internet bandwidth is carried by the affected cable systems.
We are currently working on restoring the affected circuits at the shortest possible time. We appreciate your patience and understanding of this catastrophic event affecting the


Upcoming Blog Topics

Some of the topics to watch out for soon (have been in my queue for sometime). In no particular order.

Soon, but if you have issues related to below and might need additional information feel free to contact me.

* AJAXControlToolkit ModalPopupExtender, Google Chrome and z-index
* delegate/anonymous method cannot be deployed to SQL (SQL CLR)
* RedGate SQLDoc (this is pretty sleek – of course it’s RedGate)
* Missing “Replace window” in Visual Studio
* assembly binding search and HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftFusion /v EnableLog
* MatchCollection.Count and delay execution/loading. evaluation is actually done here
* expand DDL resulting drop down width to length of longest item
* GoDaddy and email issues (relay limits etc)
* dot net nuke. domain pointing to a virtual directory (eg. GoDaddy setup)
– portal alias
– hostheader
* union and intersection
* performance of scalar functions
– say in computed column (IsPersisted)
– set vs row-by-row operation
* web.config conflict on modules (IIS 7)
* feedburner move to google feeds
* DNN password retrieval requires
1) a valid email account
2) if hosted at GoDaddy, they only allow the “from” field to be from a domain managed by them
* GoDaddy 250 relays per day (resets 1am alabama)
webmail in GoDaddy saves the domain name in cookie so in subsequent
logins you no longer need to enter them. However if you have multiple
accounts (different domains) there is a clear cookies button/link


philippine domains limited one year registration offer

** Philippine (.PH) domains are now available for one year registration (as opposed to being previously available in two-year registrations only). But only for a limited time so grab your .PH domains by clicking HERE now. [more]

We are now offering one year domain registrations at $38.00 for a
limited time (March 10, 2009 to April 30, 2009).  This offer is for new
registrations only and is not valid for renewals.

The lower cost will make it easier for you to get the .PH domain you
want.  And for those of you who have been earning commissions from
referring PH domains, the lower cost makes it easier for you to earn
from dotPH.

However, because of the lower price of a 1 year registration,
commissions for any domains referred during the promo period will also
be adjusted.  All commissions earned before March 10, the date on which
1 year price was made available, will still be computed at $10.00 per
successful referral. Any referrals during the promo period beginning
March 10 will be commissioned at $5.00 per successful referral.

Reducing the cost of getting a .PH domain by half makes it easier for
you to get your .PH domain and close referrals, and should more result
in greater earnings for you.

If you need further information, please contact our Customer Support at

Best regards,
dotPH Team

Tools and Utilities Web

Link: IE 8 Release Candidate 1

"Internet Explorer 8 has been designed from the ground up to be enterprise-ready.  It helps reduce security risk through features such as a cross-site scripting filter, the SmartScreen® Filter, and safer controls and management of the Microsoft® ActiveX® technologies, platform, controls, scripting, and server framework. And when you download the latest RC1 software, you're automatically registered to access valuable RC1 resources assembled in one convenient location.

Evaluate Windows Internet Explorer 8 RC1 today"