blog site update

I have recently consolidated some of the sites I maintain into one of my hosting accounts. (will post about the provider soon – so far so good)

And that includes this blog. Along with this move I have also updated to the latest version of BlogEngine.NET – guilty of not being up to date for a couple of reasons:

Anyways, here are some notable changes: [more]

1) posts url are not longer timestamped – i.e. blog/post/yyyy/mm/* still works but new links are now just blog/post/*

    – i just noticed earlier actually that when i upgraded to v1.6 i revised something to make the URL pattern yyyy/mm instead of the default yyyy/mm/dd. this caused all old post urls linked from outside to not work. good thing there is a setting in the BE.NET admin that indicates to not include timestamps in the URL. and as a side-effect the yyyy/mm pattern worked fine.

    – along with the issue mentioned above, google’s crawl also failed because of the missing pages and thus affected rankings and statistics. hopefully it should stabilize soon

    – on this note, i had to manually set custom crawl rate in google webmaster site due to these changes

2) other BlogEngine.NET new stuff for version 1.6 – most important of which is the Akismet anti-spam comment filter. Clearly BE.NET users have been plagued by spam recently.

    I have made changes but not to BlogEngine Core so hopefully future updates will be more seemless.