Upcoming Blog Topics

Some of the topics to watch out for soon (have been in my queue for sometime). In no particular order.

Soon, but if you have issues related to below and might need additional information feel free to contact me.

* AJAXControlToolkit ModalPopupExtender, Google Chrome and z-index
* delegate/anonymous method cannot be deployed to SQL (SQL CLR)
* RedGate SQLDoc (this is pretty sleek – of course it’s RedGate)
* Missing “Replace window” in Visual Studio
* assembly binding search and HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftFusion /v EnableLog
* MatchCollection.Count and delay execution/loading. evaluation is actually done here
* expand DDL resulting drop down width to length of longest item
* GoDaddy and email issues (relay limits etc)
* dot net nuke. domain pointing to a virtual directory (eg. GoDaddy setup)
– portal alias
– hostheader
* union and intersection
* performance of scalar functions
– say in computed column (IsPersisted)
– set vs row-by-row operation
* web.config conflict on modules (IIS 7)
* feedburner move to google feeds
* DNN password retrieval requires
1) a valid email account
2) if hosted at GoDaddy, they only allow the “from” field to be from a domain managed by them
* GoDaddy 250 relays per day (resets 1am alabama)
webmail in GoDaddy saves the domain name in cookie so in subsequent
logins you no longer need to enter them. However if you have multiple
accounts (different domains) there is a clear cookies button/link