Code Syntax Highlighting in my blog posts

For who wants to have code in their blog post I would invite you to check out CopySourceAsHtml. [more]That's what I'm using here and seems working fine so far.

For there is also [code:C#] <code block here> [/code] but when I used it previously there was no color highlighting so it must be it or there needs to be some tweaks brought about by custom themes.

For those who have access to and would like to use a webcontrol ActivePro CodeHighlighter looks powerful to.

These are just a few and free ones but I like CopySourceAsHtml since whatever color scheme I have in my VStudio IDE, it gets emulated on the resulting HTML.

My First days with Resharper

Nope, I'm not working with or for JetBrains' Resharper team but resharper has been my buddy for a couple of days now. And I love it. [more]

I started my 30 day Trial for the C# only lately since I as I've mentioned in my previous posts, I don't mess up with Visual Studio as I would loose a lot if it gets screwed. I could probably try it out on a Virtual Machine but I just find it slow so I pulled myself together and decided I'd risk it.

There are a couple of things that would seem irritating at first, like the _Resharper folders added (SmartSVN also have that but they're good enough to have them as hidden folders), the initial startup delay in VStudio while resharper is prepping some things. These are things that some people are particular about but if you get a feel (even just a little bit) you find that the productivity the product brings makes these "annoyances" seem like nothing.

There are tons of features you can look at from here.

For some of us who loves consistency, and love you code clean I would highly recommend it despite my hesitations before. I haven't digged deep into it (i'm sure there are a lot of advanced features to make my day even better) but for now, even just the on the fly error highlighting, unit testing support, optimize "using" directives (remove unneeded ones), remove the "this" operator (it says it's redundant), reordering of type members  (properties, fields, regions) and it's refactoring capabilities in general is a winner.

I might still evaluate CodeRush feature and stability wise next time but it costs a little more. Nevertheless, whichever turns out to be better (or suited for me), I'm sure to have one more must have on my toolbox.

My first bug catch with WatiN

I caught my first bug (regression) because of WatiN and NUnit just now. Something I wasn't able to catch during my previous manual tests. [more]

Two items that I run into but got over with:
1. AJAX (UpdatePanel). I show/hide controls with AJAX and previously finding elements by id had some issues if it's hidden and AJAX has still not finished showing the said control. Resolution: WaitUntilExists (and the likes) 

2. Catching Javascript confir. Resolution : Capture confirm dialog with WatiN

Finished my first set of tests. Insert, Update, Load, Delete pages for one entity and doing fine so far. Hopefully until the end. So I would suggest you try out WatiN yourself.

What’s New in Internet Explorer 8

IE8 is still in it's beta stage and expected to be released in this or next year. [more]

But here's an overview of what's to come : What's New in Internet Explorer 8 

Or register to Microsoft Connect and access this link Internet Explorer Beta Feedback 

There are a lot of links to checkout but here are some mentioned from the connect link:

• What’s new in Internet Explorer 8 for Developers
• Internet Explorer MSDN Developer Center
• Internet Explorer Team Blog


My Picks at CodePlex

Been up for around 24 hrs yesterday and guess what I’ve been doing? Browsing projects in CodePlex

This is the first time I did this and for sure there are a lot of benefits you could think of but here’s my list:

  1. finding interesting starter kits
  2. some basis / base code for future projects
  3. getting new ideas inspired by some of the projects there
  4. finding a solution to a problem you never realized you had until you came across someone (project) having a solution for it
  5. and of course, having to read other people’s code: how to write good code or how NOT to write bad ones

There a tons of projects there from simple to complex ones, from those supported by a community to those supported by one, from active to dead ones and even those from Microsoft like Sample Projects for products.

Here are my interesting picks (so far) [more]. I haven’t looked at each one of them yet but sounds interesting:

  1. ASP.NET – Projects from the ASP.NET Team (eg. ASP.NET MVC Framework)
  2. SQL Web Data Administrator – Manage SQL Server Installation from a Web Interface
  3. Hawkeye – The .Net Runtime Object Editor
  4. BlogEngine.NET Extensions
  5. .NET Configuration Manager
  6. Bugtracker.NET
  7. Microsoft Best Practices Analyzer with ASP.NET Plugin
  8. LiveChat Starter Kit
  9. .NET Pet Shop MVC
  10. The Family Tree Project – this was one of my reasons for surfing around. was hoping to work on a family tree project (web based) just seems interested to have one. But doesn’t seem to have been released or will ever be
  11. NMVP Software Factory – Model View Presenter
  12. ASP.NET MVP Framework – Model View Presenter
  13. AdventureWorks Starter Kit – seems to have lots of technologies involved
  14. DotNetSCORM – elearning sounds interesting and not to say noble
  15. AspQuestionnaire
  16. Spider.NET
  17. SEO toolkit
  18. InstallKey – license validation
  19. IRC#
  20. Design Pattern Finder – finds GOF (and user defined) patterns in code
  21. WikiEngine.NET
  22. Wedding Starter Kit – yeah you read it right, wedding
  23. DotNetSecurity
  24. User Group Web Site
  25. Resource Refactoring Tool – move hard coded strings to resource file et al

If we have similar taste/interest then I’ve done you a favor of picking the list from the hundreds (if not a thousand or so from CodePlex). Otherwise, go to CodePlex and pick your list. If you don’t find interesting stuff there then your works must be more interesting and worthy of sharing.

Will move this content to a separate page including review/notes on each of the projects if possible. Hope this helps for now

ZoneAlarm and localhost

Regardless of privacy settings, ZoneAlarm will always rejects cookies
when using localhost. Something that is not very developer friendly.

The work-around is to use instead.

you are using Visual Studio, you can set whether to use IIS and have
the starting url to use At least that how it works for
ASP.NET 2.0 Web Application Projects; there might be small differences
for Web Site Projects and older ASP.NET 1.1/VS2003; I couldn't verify
for other project types for now but just post to post on this issue.

Here's the thread where this information was taken from

Tool List

Aside from essentials installations here are some of the application I have on my PC which proved useful to me so you might as well look into.
Will post the links soon.


  • TimeSnapper Pro
  • Diskeeper Pro Premier
  • Ad-Aware (Free)
  • Spybot S&D (Free)
  • Windows Defender
  • Zone Alarm (just turned Pro)
  • HiJackThis (Trend Micro)
  • RSSReader
  • TuneUp Utilities 2007
  • PrimoPDF
  • SnagIt 8
  • FastFolders

Dev Tools

  • Reflector
  • DbgView (sysinternals)
  • Process Monitor (sysinternals)
  • Process Explorer (sysinternals)
  • IECookiesView (nirsoft)
  • TcpView (sysinternals)
  • IIS Resource Kit
  • IIS Diagnostics Kit
  • FileZilla 3.0
  • Fiddler2
  • MBSA 2.0.1
  • Virtual PC 2007