My Picks at CodePlex

Been up for around 24 hrs yesterday and guess what I’ve been doing? Browsing projects in CodePlex

This is the first time I did this and for sure there are a lot of benefits you could think of but here’s my list:

  1. finding interesting starter kits
  2. some basis / base code for future projects
  3. getting new ideas inspired by some of the projects there
  4. finding a solution to a problem you never realized you had until you came across someone (project) having a solution for it
  5. and of course, having to read other people’s code: how to write good code or how NOT to write bad ones

There a tons of projects there from simple to complex ones, from those supported by a community to those supported by one, from active to dead ones and even those from Microsoft like Sample Projects for products.

Here are my interesting picks (so far) [more]. I haven’t looked at each one of them yet but sounds interesting:

  1. ASP.NET – Projects from the ASP.NET Team (eg. ASP.NET MVC Framework)
  2. SQL Web Data Administrator – Manage SQL Server Installation from a Web Interface
  3. Hawkeye – The .Net Runtime Object Editor
  4. BlogEngine.NET Extensions
  5. .NET Configuration Manager
  6. Bugtracker.NET
  7. Microsoft Best Practices Analyzer with ASP.NET Plugin
  8. LiveChat Starter Kit
  9. .NET Pet Shop MVC
  10. The Family Tree Project – this was one of my reasons for surfing around. was hoping to work on a family tree project (web based) just seems interested to have one. But doesn’t seem to have been released or will ever be
  11. NMVP Software Factory – Model View Presenter
  12. ASP.NET MVP Framework – Model View Presenter
  13. AdventureWorks Starter Kit – seems to have lots of technologies involved
  14. DotNetSCORM – elearning sounds interesting and not to say noble
  15. AspQuestionnaire
  16. Spider.NET
  17. SEO toolkit
  18. InstallKey – license validation
  19. IRC#
  20. Design Pattern Finder – finds GOF (and user defined) patterns in code
  21. WikiEngine.NET
  22. Wedding Starter Kit – yeah you read it right, wedding
  23. DotNetSecurity
  24. User Group Web Site
  25. Resource Refactoring Tool – move hard coded strings to resource file et al

If we have similar taste/interest then I’ve done you a favor of picking the list from the hundreds (if not a thousand or so from CodePlex). Otherwise, go to CodePlex and pick your list. If you don’t find interesting stuff there then your works must be more interesting and worthy of sharing.

Will move this content to a separate page including review/notes on each of the projects if possible. Hope this helps for now