My First days with Resharper

Nope, I'm not working with or for JetBrains' Resharper team but resharper has been my buddy for a couple of days now. And I love it. [more]

I started my 30 day Trial for the C# only lately since I as I've mentioned in my previous posts, I don't mess up with Visual Studio as I would loose a lot if it gets screwed. I could probably try it out on a Virtual Machine but I just find it slow so I pulled myself together and decided I'd risk it.

There are a couple of things that would seem irritating at first, like the _Resharper folders added (SmartSVN also have that but they're good enough to have them as hidden folders), the initial startup delay in VStudio while resharper is prepping some things. These are things that some people are particular about but if you get a feel (even just a little bit) you find that the productivity the product brings makes these "annoyances" seem like nothing.

There are tons of features you can look at from here.

For some of us who loves consistency, and love you code clean I would highly recommend it despite my hesitations before. I haven't digged deep into it (i'm sure there are a lot of advanced features to make my day even better) but for now, even just the on the fly error highlighting, unit testing support, optimize "using" directives (remove unneeded ones), remove the "this" operator (it says it's redundant), reordering of type members  (properties, fields, regions) and it's refactoring capabilities in general is a winner.

I might still evaluate CodeRush feature and stability wise next time but it costs a little more. Nevertheless, whichever turns out to be better (or suited for me), I'm sure to have one more must have on my toolbox.