Unit Testing ASP.NET

I was looking googling around the web for unit testing strategies for ASP.NET (UI/Presentation Layer) and posting some partial notes.

ASP.NET MVC Framework is something to look forward too. It is still in Preview 2 but pointing to a good direction. In addition, if I'm not mistaken however it can only be used with Web Application Projects. Unfortunately the project I'm looking at using a testing framework for is a Web Site Project (and file based). I don't have control over decisions of moving it to Web Application Project so I'd need something that would work with WSP and easier to start up.

I'm currently looking into [more]WatiN (or Web Application Testing in .NET). It's inspired by the WatiR development which is for Ruby.

Here are some helpful links on Watin

Yes there have been mention of
commercial licensed products in comment/forums but I'll stick with free
ones (open source) for now. I've also seens some implementations of Web Tests in Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Testers but I don't have one so not an option for now.

Another interesting find is Selenium which interesting can be used with SilverLight (post from Scott Hanselman) and has support for IE, Firefox and Safari. WatiN I believe is also expected to accomodate Firefox (as of it's current CTP)

Furthermore, NUnitASP which has been popular for this for sometime (and probably still in use by a number of projects until now) has been discontinued (as of January 31, 2008 in its front page). There have been no updates for several years but the official statement has just been posted as of the mentioned date.

I'm also looking on whether to use NUnit, MbUnit to go with WatiN.

I have to admit, I'm a late bloomer (or should I say starter; and that is if a bloomer at all) so I haven't given much time for TDD, Agile Development and related principles but hey not too late to start.

Probably more posts to come on this. As a newbie in this field, I expect to run into a lot of roadblocks. Dive right in!