SubSonic and Club Starter Kit

If you don't code generate your DAL or use OR/M or anything that would
make you worry less about DataAccess like LINQtoSQL, Entity Framework, NHibernate, Castle
ActiveRecord then you should definitely give SubSonic a shot.

On the side I'm currently working on a C# version of Extended Club Starter Kit Version 3 Beta 1 for one club that I was part of in college (and probably a few others) and one thing to note is that the project has opted to use SubSonic. It's an open source project developed by Rob Connery and a few other popular developers in the .NET. It simplifies generation of Data Access code and some utility functions common to development. And don't forget about the cool Scaffolding support. As I've heard this is one of the popular features of the Rails framework where pages are generated on the fly to serve as you're admin tool for add/edit operations against your database table. They could be considered your admin pages or at least help during development. Bottom line is, all these features will save your time (which is what SubSonic aims for). [more]

You can opt to have the DAL generated on the fly using ASP.NET build providers, generate them using command line or as of the current version a GUI tool called "SubStage" (it is also were I view the auto scaffolding).

You can also download the SubSonic Starter Kit and get a web site already configured to work with SubSonic, UrlRewriter.NET (which is also keeping me busy considering that IIS 7.0 now allows httpmodule to run for all requests simply by configuring web.config) and a built in Content Management System. Not as complicated (a good thing) as other full blown CMS but will probably integrate this with the Club Starter Kit (so the club won't need to know programming or get back to me if they need some new pages or the sort).

It would be a good practice for me to leave the ClubSK on VB.NET and make some modifications but since I'm new with SubSonic and intend to use it for other projects, will have to remove the language barrier first so C# it is 🙂

I will definitely post the code here (or some other open source hosting like CodePlex) and try my best to keep this version abreast with the original ClubSK once I'm done. So far I have the DAL (separate project), App_Code and some pages converted to C# already and using SubSonic 2.1. Hopefully I'll have enough time to finish sometime soon.