Busby SEO Challenge World Cup

There is a "buzz" in the internet about this Busby SEO World Cup Challenge sponsored by Busby Web Solutions based in Australia. The key phrase is "BUSBY SEO CHALLENGE". No I'm not joining, read along [more]

I noticed when I was looking at one of local blog directories that this blog is listed in and the reason why I'm posting this entry is that when I looked into the Official Results showing the top entries as of a certain date I can recognize a lot of sites from the Philippines. Not that I have not previously seen/know these sites but that the domain name, url or sometimes the username for the entry does have a Filipino ring to it. From what I can see most of those entries are part or at least associated with a group of SEO, web designers/masters/developers from Capiz, a province in the Philippines.

Again no, I'm not joining nor part of the contest, nor acquainted with these entrants and obviously internet marketing is not really my specialty (at least for now) but it does feel proud to see that Filipinos make it to the list of contests like these, much more make it to some of the top slots. I'm almost certain that there are even more out there that are yet to show what they have for the world.

As a people we do have our own weaknesses but it doesn't change the fact that we are more than just a small country in this side of the world. And despite the challenges that we face we are home to some of the best and brightest and let's work more on that or at least keep it that way 🙂

** I can't point out their sites/url at this times as I didn't have much time verifying and I don't personally
know them (among other concerns) but I'd be glad to link to help any
ranking (if it does help) if asked to and I can find time to update my
pages. Good luck to all of you!