Ateneo Professional Schools Prometric Testing Center Experience

UPDATE: Got a number of queries regarding prometric exam locations in Philippines (e.g. Makati) and schedule times etc.

To get those information please visit

For my latest ASP.NET and ADO.NET 3.5 beta exams I took them at Ateneo Professional Schools[more]. Prior exams I have taken where in DBWizards, MISNET and once at EduPro.

I am very impressed with the said testing center. Clean, quiet (with ear muffs if the silence isn’t enough for you), decent computers and very nice staff. There are two exam rooms with a good number of cubicles (guessing around 20/room maybe) and although the next room was almost full, there’s not many in the room i was in. It could have been a factor to the experience I had but I still think that even if it’s jam packed, it would still be orderly considering the place is spacious.

They don’t accept payments at the venue though. You have to pay thru Prometric’s Site (, register if necessary (for free), schedule an appointment, select exam etc. Not sure which order they come but you get the point. Their currently only accepting payment thru credit card though. Not having to worry about payments and the likes and instead concentrate on administering the exam could have contributed to this positive comment too.

Also, annoying as it would appear to others, they check you ID strictly despite recognizing your face anymore (i took two exams in succession so had a short break). It might be simple or even ridiculous for some since I’m quite sure they recognized me but for me it shows some integrity and consistency in applying rules and procedures. Despite of this, did I mention they were very respectful? I guess I did.

One last thing is that obviously they allow scheduling of appointment online. There are a few centers listed in the prometric site but if you try to schedule an exam it will just show “no schedules available for this center”. The advantage for this includes: convenience, you are assure of your seat (unlike others where they actually just place the appointment days or even hours before and some unexpected issues now and then and being able to reschedule (at least a day before I think or a certain time a day before on a certain time zone) without having to pick up, wait for someone to pickup the phone, etc etc.

So, if the payment method is not a limitation for you. I would highly recommend this center and ill take exams there myself.  See address below:

Phone: 4265982
Site Code: PH000

Goodluck to upcoming exam takers and I’m working on some review notes but just bought a new hard disk (system) for this. (ohh yes, I’m a certified hard disk destroyer, 3 hard disks so far this year 2008. don’t get me wrong, I don’t bring them around nor throw my PC, probably because I type and click too much, not to mention I blog too much) Expect a lot more notes on ADO.NET and ASP.NET (not the actual questions of course but close and varied enough to help learn and not just answer trivias) when I have my Visual Studio and SQL ready already within a few hours or days. I invite everyone to do the same too and share our notes with everyone not just in preparations for exams but to share the experience and joys of .NET. Watch out for them…

UPDATE: I got a lot of comments on this article and figured it might be helpful to do a quick how-to video (well it didn’t turn out to be quick but wanted to explain a bit more). See below

I hope it helps





74 responses to “Ateneo Professional Schools Prometric Testing Center Experience”

  1. sarah trono Avatar
    sarah trono

    i would like to know the exam.sched.for prometric exam for the month of april

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      hi sarah, unfortunately i don’t work for prometric so i cannot post the schedule
      however you can visit and follow the instructions (depending on which test and which exam center) you will be able to view the schedule

  2. nice gayo Avatar
    nice gayo

    i would like to ask about the method of payment.if i don’t have a card, would they accept cash as payment?thank you

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      i have not tried paying using cash to the Ateneo Testing Center
      however, i have tried on some other testing center (DBWizard, MISNet, EduPro)
      but for those I did not use the site to register, you might have to call those companies and schedule with them if you want to pay in case

      1. Sylvia Avatar

        Ryan? thanks for the info..

        1. ann Avatar

          Y i cant confirm prometric as my exam of sponsor?

          1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
            Ryan Garaygay

            could give more information? not really sure what “exam sponsor” means but maybe someone else can help answer if you give more info.

  3. ard Avatar

    gusto ko sana kumuha ng prometric exam but i dont know what to put in the test sponsors

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      unfortunately I don’t recognize the “test sponsors” field when I was taking exams, could you maybe leave it blank?
      hope I could help better but last time I remember signing up for an exam, I don’t remember putting anything for that

  4. Mahaliah Avatar

    sir may I ask from if where will I get Eligibility ID #? because I want to take DHA nursing exam

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      hi, sorry I don’t have information about eligibility ID for DHA exam.
      but to help, it looks like you can contact DHA thru this

  5. Lea Reyes Avatar
    Lea Reyes

    hi, ask ko lang po if hm ang byad sa ateneo sa pagtake ng prometric ezams and what are the requirements??

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      depende sa exam. ateneo is a provider but the exam and cost/price is still determined by prometric (or more accurately, the vendor of the certification)

      i took mostly “beta” exams for Microsoft certifications back then (and for those they are free – you get a coupon code, use them for free)
      for regular Microsoft exams it was around 3,000+ or something
      for other vendors (Cisco etc) it was higher (again it depends on the exam vendor)

      hope that helps

      1. rochelle Avatar

        it was said that the examination will be given from tuesday to friday but i was able to get a schedule on july 28, 20913 at 9 am which is sunday…will they cater me for the exam?

        1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
          Ryan Garaygay

          hi rochelle, unfortunately i would not be able to answer that information
          most of the time, they work with prometric to ensure the available dates/times are up to date
          but to be sure, i would recommend you call up the testing center

  6. Maria Avatar

    Hey Ryan! How fortunate I am to stumble upon your post! Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂 If I may ask, though, how exactly did you schedule your exam appointment? I tried doing so online but the same message (““no schedules available for this center”) appeared, no matter which month I chose. I’m thinking of taking the GRE 🙂

  7. Maria Avatar

    Oh, never mind. I was trying to schedule through another Prometric link (GRE specific). Thanks anyway! 🙂

  8. rhoda rivera Avatar
    rhoda rivera

    can’t contact your phone number 892-0383..just want to inquire

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      hi rhoda, unfortunately that’s the only number i have of that testing center
      can you check that you are using the correct country code/area code (if you are not calling from Manila)?
      if you are then, maybe try googling for their number (Ateneo Professional Schools in Rockwell)
      hope that helps

  9. marlene Avatar

    hi! may i know how much is that? any idea? tnx so much!

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      hi Marlene, when I was taking beta exams they were free. Then if not beta microsoft exams are around 80 USD

  10. Rochelle Dinawanao Tuastomban Avatar

    sa test center selection po, ano pomg pipiliin? ung sa directory po;

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      @Rochelle, di ako sure kung saan ung “directory” eh. can you upload a screenshot?

      If wala, can you tell ano ung options?

      Also, I recorded a short (well not really) how-to video walking through the sign-in process that I go to.
      Hope that helps

      1. rose Avatar

        anu p ung i cclick s client and selection?wala po kc s choices ung ateneo professionals schools

        1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
          Ryan Garaygay

          client = vendor ng exam (Cisco, Microsoft)
          selection = depending on the client (this is usually an exam type/group)

          if helpful, you can check the video i uploaded recently
          wala ka pa sa part na pipili ka ng test center

  11. Andi Avatar

    Does Prometric Testing Center provide Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)-Windows Server 2012 package? Either exam or training and exam? If so, how much will it cost?

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      Prometric Testing Center does not provide training (just exams). And I don’t think there is a “package” but on an exam-per-exam basis. It is usually 80 USD.

  12. Lyza Avatar

    Goodevening! Can I ask if you know the location and contact number the DHA office here in the Philippines or the location where I can take my DHA exam? Thankyou and hoping for your response 🙂

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      Hi Lyza, unfortunately I do NOT have that information.
      Did a quick google search for “DHA Philippines” and it looks like it pointed me out to this page:

      Hope that helps (not sure if it does but looks like it could be a good starting point)

  13. Merlix Avatar

    I would like to ask if it is necessary to have atleast 2yrs of clinical experience before taking the prometric exam?coz i just had 9mos.working experience since i passed the nursing licensure exam.tnx.

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      Hi Merlix, unfortunately I don’t have that information. It depends on what exam you are taking. Maybe that information is available somewhere else in the internet.

      1. Diane Lorenzo Avatar
        Diane Lorenzo

        hi Sir, ask ko lang kung ano ung eligibility ID? magpaschedule sana ako ng DHA exam pero may part na hinihingi ung eligibility id. May idea po ba kyo regarding dito?

        1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
          Ryan Garaygay

          Hi Diane, Unfortunately I am not familiar with the DHA process.

          Did some search however to help and this is the best I could find –

          There is also a video tutorial here –

          It seems that you can apply and schedule at the DHA site itself (as for the video) so I am not sure where prometric fits in. But maybe check that video and you would understand it more than I do. Or worst case, call those numbers in the DHA site.

          Note that I am not familiar with DHA application/exam process so please do your own research but hope this helps.

  14. Ronalyn Membrado Avatar
    Ronalyn Membrado

    Sir, when I click the pro metric in sponsor program its shows error coz’ that the one I want to take up .can u please help me ,do you have any solution or offer other site that when I can register to take an exam

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      Hi Ronalyn, Unfortunately so I don’t know other sites to register exams for. (well it actually depends on what kind of exam are you looking for). So can you provide 1) what kind of exam 2) what is the error (where does it happen) and maybe someone else can help.

  15. Nikki Delos Angeles Avatar
    Nikki Delos Angeles

    Good day!
    I am sending this email because I would want to ask how to reapply for exam? I am supposed to took the exam for DHA last March, 14, 2014 but I had not been permitted due to the unavailability of my passport at that time. I am planning to apply for the second time now.Should I have opened another new account in DHA? Thank you.

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      Hi Nikki, unfortunately I do not know the answer to that question.
      But these might help:
      1- view this video for application (in case there might also be some button/information there about re-application)
      2- wherever you clicked “apply” before, go back to that page and find if there is a re-apply button
      3- if you are not sure, contact the #s or email in that site (see #1 above)

      hope that helps

  16. joy Avatar

    sir ask ko lng it is true na ndi pedeng makapag exam ang walang middle name? tnx

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      sorry, i’m not sure about the middle name requirement. though most people have middle names

  17. joy Avatar

    good day,, how to schedule the prometric exam? i tried ayaw naman po,, can you help me sir.. thanks

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      hi joy, i just tried the link and it works. can you try again, if not then maybe try from another computer or another place

  18. joy Avatar

    sir anung iclick ko sa client for nurses

  19. kay Avatar
    kay here in saudi.and they cant find my files about my prometric exam result and my copy was lost..i really need a copy to work here in saudi.can you trace my result please.i passed the exam last may 2, name is kay m.pilayan.please help or ill be deported.thank you po

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      Hi kay,

      Sorry but I do NOT work for Prometric and I have no way to get your information/result or a copy of it.

      I suggest you call Prometric.
      Or find another way to contact them.
      Maybe this will help

  20. stephen Avatar

    Gud day.. sir pwde pong malaman ung contact prometric test center sa manila kse hndi ko nman po matawagn ung no.po nla..inquire po sna ako about sa DHA.. thnx po

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      @stephen ang alam ko lang na number ay yung sinulat ko sa dito sa post na to – (02) 426 5982
      other than that you will have to look for it yourself

  21. stephen Avatar

    Hindi ko po kse matawagn ung tel no.po nla sir..

  22. CLARISSA Avatar


    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      sorry, haven’t tried those options or took an exam that required those. you might need to call prometric or the department/company that administers the exam

  23. mei Avatar

    i couldn’t register online, it says my eligibility ID (i used PRC and passport) has already been used. eh first time ko mag register. tuwa ako nakita ko website na to kasi it gave me a contact #.
    i called 426-5982 and the person i talked to referred me to 892-0384. sabi nila they dont register sa office because online lang daw. may tumawag daw na same problem saakin pinatawag lang nila sa MALAYSIA. nakakstress naman ang prometrics. haiiii i think yung prometrics for nurses lang yung may problem because i tried clicking on random stuff pumapasok naman. =((

  24. crispy javier Avatar
    crispy javier

    good day!!! i would like to know how to request a duplicate prometric certificate for the reason that i misplaced mine, i needed one as my requirements in my new job.thank u

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      you can try calling prometric or the exam center where you took the exam

  25. florence sa-onoy Avatar
    florence sa-onoy

    Hi sir,I have lost my prometric exam certificate,how can I get a new one?Thank You.

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      try calling the exam center where you took the exam. or call prometric (sorry I do not have the number but you might have it in your email, registration or go to the exam center itself)

  26. Charina Rivera Avatar
    Charina Rivera

    Please help me what should i do first? I want to take prometric exam? Im a physical therapist want to apply abroad?

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      sorry charina, i have no experience in labor or immigration to advise you on that. you have to find someone who does and seek their help

  27. marie che Avatar

    Ilang araw po ba bago ma receive ang aking eligibility number?

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      hi marie che, sorry di ko alam gaano katagal bago mo mareceive yung eligibility number.

  28. marie che Avatar

    Is there any cellphone number sir?

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      sorry, none that i know of

  29. RACHEL LAMERA Avatar

    hi guys…i need help….i accidentally deleted the approved details that was sent by schs in my spam…how could retrieve it?

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      sorry rachel, i don’t know how you can get it. maybe try calling prometric or the exam center

  30. rachel Avatar

    i cant schedule my eligibility number does not exist….but it is active..whats The problem?

  31. Jessa Mae Sabate Avatar

    Hello Sir Ryan! I am a college student and I’m planning to take a prometric exam because my grandparents said I needed so to enroll in one of the colleges in US. Is this true Sir? Please sir, I needed some answer. Is this the right testing exam I needed to take?

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      @Jessa, there are many prometric exams and not just one. Also I have limited information but to the best of my knowledge you need to take SAT exam. You can look at to get more information.

      1. Jessa Mae Sabate Avatar

        Thank you so muuuuch Siiir! I would just ask you further questions about it :)))

  32. fhadz Avatar

    sir ask q lng po ilang years po ba ang expiration ng prometric? in my case kasi pagdating q dito sa saudi hndi nla naprocess ang prometric exam na kinuha q sa pinas kasi hindi umabot ng 2 years ang experience q sa pinas.

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      fhadz, unfortunately I have no idea

  33. karl Avatar

    i need help..i forgot to put my second name in the payment process for the exam..i am very worried they would not allow me to take the exam because i only put my first name and fogot to put my second name due to excitement..will they still let me take the exam?..i really need help..

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      karl, please call them. unfortunately since I do not work for either the exam center or Prometric I do not know the answer to your question.

  34. mara lyka Avatar
    mara lyka

    hello po.
    I lost my saudi prometric exam result. can i ask for help as to how i can obtain another copy?

    1. Ryan Garaygay Avatar
      Ryan Garaygay

      sorry mara, I don’t know how you can obtain another copy. You can research further online or call the exam center where you took the exam. Other than that I have no other suggestion.