ASP.NET HttpRuntime Execution Timeout in debug mode

Been sometime since I've posted something. We'll be moving over to
another company but hopefully when things settle down I'll be able to
post more.

Anyways, while trying to debug a project, I tried to
set the HttpRuntime ExecutionTimeout to a certain value. When a request
reaches the server but takes more than the indicated value to finish
processing return a response to the client (not to be mistaken with the
time it takes from server to browser), it would throw an exception to
the client. I tried to test this by including a
System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(x) in my code and set the execution
timeout to a value less than x.

However for some reason, no
error/exception is thrown. After some research, it turned out that the
[compilation] -> [debug] attribute must be set to false in order for
the execution timeout to take effect