Welcome to my new Tech Blog

I have my tech blog setup at last (need a little more modifications like themes etc but it's here).

I was thinking of coding the blog features myself but I figured it would require more than I currently have so I'm using BlogEngine.NET instead. It will also be a good way for me to get to know the project better. Looks good so far.

Ran into contact email configuration issues to but thanks to this post I had it working. I don't think I have email included with this hosting so I used my gmail account for "email" and "username" fields and seems to get to my inbox fine so guess it works.

I'll try my best to update this blog as often as I could with stuff I ran into while working with .NET, SQL Server and other cool stuff about the internet. And hope that it will be helpful resource someday to someone and to myself when I forgot how I did things in the past.

Enjoy. I will 🙂