VisualSVN Server

In a previos post on My SubVersion experience I received a comment from
Ivan Zhakov of VisualSVN to try out the said product (which by the way is free) and so I did. [more]

Not much to say except that it was an amazing experience. No issues with installation, simple but does it wizard steps (eg. option to use port or HTTPS, default repository folder et al) and an MMC management console. Now I don't have to edit config files manually and instead do it from a GUI. They also have a windows service to start VisualSVN which also handles the management of the Apache server.

As mentioned it comes with Apache installed, lets you choose which port to run apache and since I don't really need it running all the time the windows service did it for me. If you do need to tweak things in your apache installation I'm sure you could also do as you please since I can see the files are just in the VisualSVN installation folder (default ProgramFiles/VisualSVN). Not an apache guru here but the conf files are editable and probably so are the rest of the features (modules whatsoever).

No issues so far (and I hope for good). Good to know some things about SubVersion binary packages installation and some things you can do from command prompt but if don't want to complicate things and need a simple enough solution to have subversion working I suggest you use VisualSVN server as I do now.