Six Head First Books in Oreilly Top Ten

I just thought I’d share that as of today, six of the top ten books at comes from the Head First Series. Namely: [more]

  1. Head First C#
  2. Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML
  3. Head First Design Patterns
  4. Head First JavaScript
  5. Head First Servlets and JSP
  6. Head First SQL

For me, this says a lot. I’m sure the Oreilly library has a good number of users, they can’t all be wrong and Head First books must be good.

And yes, I’d have to agree. I have a Head First PMP and though I never had the chance to finish it yet and it’s not in the top ten list (probably because not everyone enjoys PM) I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far. And having read a thing or two about learning styles and cognition, I’d have to say their approach is very effective.

So, if you have a topic you want to learn (beginner/immediate) and Head First has a book for it, I would recommend you go for it. The fun and learning will be worth your money.

You can also check out the safari library samples and if you’re comfortable reading online, you’d save more.