RedGate Software to continue development of .NET Reflector

Big names. RedGate Software the popular creator of SQL Server (eg. SQLPrompt, SQLDoc, SQLBackup) and .NET (ANTS Profiler, Exception Hunter) tools will be taking over the future development of .NET Reflector a browser and analysis tool for .NET authored by Lutz Roeder. Worth noting that reflector which has been hosted in Roeder's site for a long time is not hosted in redgate's site. [more]

Reflector has always been in my must have tools and proved to be useful a lot of times already especially in providing valuable insight as to the inner workings of .NET libraries (eg. DLL, EXE) among other things. Also a good way when you're working on performance tuning and optimization and even just to familiarize with how other people's code looks like (though might differ with orignal source code since the compiler makes some optimizations). Although it has been working as intended and could not think of necessary additional features at this time I'm hoping the take over of RedGate will bring about more helpful features and other improvements.

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