My First .NET 3.5 Cert – MCTS on Windows Workflow Foundation

Just received email results of .NET 3.5 beta exams I took last December 2007

Surprisingly I passed exam 70-504 – Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Workflow Foundation Applications [more]but failed the other two I took at that period:

70-503 – TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 – Windows Communication Foundation
70-502 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 – Windows Presentation Foundation

I had no chance in that WPF exam but I expected a little better for WCF from WebServices and .NET Remoting experience. I did spent some time reviewing for the WF exam but expected less compared to WCF.

Books were not available locally so most of the review were using the prep guide and MSDN except for WCF where I got a WCF Wrox book (the red books) by Scott Klein which I'd have to say covers a lot of questions that came up in the exam (which is why I expect a little more compared to WPF and WF) so I will not regret having that book and I'll definitely use it again for review. The scope of WCF is actually not that broad but the problem for me was selecting the right bindings and options to use for a particular scenario. For WF there are Wrox, APress and Microsoft books available already and would be good compliment to MSDN and hands on experience.

I'm glad I took the WF exam before the WPF (took both the same day), otherwise I would have lost interesting if WPF would have come earlier.

So there, for the coming days I will be finding time to improve on WCF (along with a ton of other stuff to learn) and thru my blog I hope you'll learn a thing with me. I was more inclined to this than WF but I guess this is a sign that I should explore workflows more. I think I did a little well on that exam but in a way I'm glad that exam standards are somehow getting higher and I just hope no braindumps and cheaters come out anymore.

No interest in WPF at this time and just want to share my logo for my longest certification name so far and hope it comes handy someday: