MCTS SQL Server 2008 beta exam 71-432 taken

I just got off from taking exam 71-432: TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance – which will become 70-432 when it goes live and is the successor of 70-431 (for SQL 2005)and here are just a few thoughts [more]

This is sort of "SQL Server 2008" foundation exam and required to move on to MCTS SQL 2008 DBA, Dev, BI Dev and their MCITP counterparts.

And my advise is always, read the prep guide to guide you 🙂

I'm glad the weights/percent of coverage is IMHO close to the prep guide so take this into consideration and work on your weak points. Also, there were no rocket science questions that is not directly related to the objectives lined up so still review but I guess that's good news.

I think knowledge on SQL 2005 and a little review of what's new for SQL 2008 would be fine. A good number are specific to SQL 2008 but somehow I think you can eliminate answers based on foundation/SQL 2005 knowledge. I scanned Apress Accelerated SQL 2008 and most of the topics there were helpful (though again I just scanned so it would have been more helpful if I actually read). That's the only material I got hold of so far but it will definitely be helpful.

Over-all the exam was a good experience and didn't leave me looking at the ceiling like others (e.g. WPF) and although I don't really expect to pass this one, I at least know what I need more review for when I get the chance. (clue: resource management and recovery models 😛 that's in the prep guide anyway)