MCITP PRO Business Intelligence 71-452 beta exam notes

Took the MCITP PRO Business Intelligence Developer (71-452 or 70-452 when it becomes live) sometime ago and although there is a non disclosure agreement I hope a few comments would hel. [more]

First of all, let me warn you that I’m not a dedicated BI professional but rather an enthusiast or at least interested and learning to be one someday so I’m not really an expert on the subject.

Secondly, for exam review I would recommend as always no other than the Prep Guide for the exam itself (see following link : Prep Guide for 70-452). If you are not at all familiar then any review would likely do the same thing if you are a bit familiar. Pick up those items you don’t know or familiar of and your bestfriend will be MSDN or google (or any search engine of your choice).

Moving on. Although I know not much it seems that the PRO exams are not too different with the TS exam for BI developer. A good number of technical know how rather than design. Though they may be related for someone not adept on BI I was able to intelligently guess some of the questions.

It is also worth noting that the number of SSRS questions seems to noticeable vs SSIS, SSAS questions.

Nothing that will follow is likely to be not found in the prep guide but will mention a few anyways. Also, unfortunately it has been sometime since I took the exam so I could not recall perfectly whether a certain item was from the TS or PRO exam. But will review the prep guide again soon and update this post accordingly.

Be sure you know when to use data mining algorithms, perform predictions and the basics.

Also review hierarchies and relationships and Change Data Capture (CDC)