Link: Testing SQL Stored Procedures Using LINQ

Just ran into this interesting article on MSDN Magazine about using LINQ to test stored procedures. It would be a bad idea to test stored procedures using other stored procedures too (eg. insert SP then verify presence of inserted value using select/load SP) so traditionally we do it using ADO.NET object (conn, commands) to build commands. But this LINQ approach seems very interesting. Easy of building commands, intellisense, compile time checking among others. That's another good use for LINQ which I'm really starting to like (hopefully even after trying it for n-tier projects)
The article also comes with a virtual lab for hands-on experience.


The need to test a program that accesses and manipulates a back-end SQL Server®
database is very common. In many such cases, the application interacts
with the back-end data through the use of SQL stored procedures.
this type of scenario, you can think of the stored procedures as
auxiliary methods of the system under test; and they must therefore be
tested just like any other module in the system.

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