Geeks for Environment

Shame for a geek like me to hear about EarthHour only [more]a few minutes after it just finished. I would have wanted my typical excuse that I have no television (which is true in the past) but not until a few weeks ago since our newly rented place had one and it would be weird if I’d ask the owner to bring it and besides a TV has its advantages. I’ve overheard about earth hour sometime ago but never really knew the date until that time I saw it on the news. But then again, there’s the internet, new pages, RSS and all but I guess I just didn’t see the news when earth hour was a buzz (if it did become one).

My friend Chris posted on this too here and it made me think hey we’re not just geeks. Like everyone else, we’re concerned about what’s around us too. What’s there and hopefully what’s left long after were gone. But unlike “everyone else” were geeks and there must be something geeks in particular could contribute to the environment.

I’ve been into buying a few domains lately and I wen’t straight to google and checked and there it was available. But hey, there must be someone who thought of this before me so instead of impulsively buying the domain and envisioning a forum and blogs about geeks on environment (probably running Community Server) I googled again and there it was. EcoGeek.

EcoGeek talks about technology for the environment, innovations to conserve energy, developments/updates, news etc and links to blogs of other ecogeeks.

You could probably think of hundreds (or a thousands ?) ways how a geek can contribute to the environment like inventing this or inventing that BUT hey, start by turning those computer monitors off before going out for lunch/dinner. These days, it’s safe to say that geeks are a little well of (financially) than others but even if you don’t mind spending for your electric bill at least do it for other people and the generations that might not longer exist because our planet is a mess.

Unfortunately sometimes we just have to leave the PC on even during breaks, otherwise I might get fired or when clients come looking for us but we geeks will find a way.

Got to eat, I’ll turning this monitor off after this. Need not say more for now, just check the ecogeek site when you can and let environmental concerns reverberate more in the geek world.