Free Web Hosting for Filipino Developers

If you are a Software Developer, Filipino (by nationality or by heart),
looking for a little space for hosting your site or blog or simply for
testing and practice purposes I might be able to offer you a few MB
(starting at 200 MB, in my experience this is more than enough) and one
unlimited size MSSQL/MySQL and probably 2GB/month of traffic.

I can offer .NET, PHP, ROR, Perl, Python with full Plesk/Control Panel access

You have the option to use an existing domain to that you have. Or if not I can provide you a subdomain of [more]

I ask nothing in return except to share your knowledge to the community
when you can and no illegal activities (or those that will harm the
domain and the host), and the passion and pride for Filipino

I am yet to come up with better guidelines but if interested, feel free to contact me (Contact Link above – right) and we'd figure something out. Or if you might also want to help setting up this endeavor, all help is welcome.

Pay it forward,