Free Foundations of Programming Book by Karl Seguin

Came across this Foundations of Programming Book by Karl Seguin (ebook actually) when I looked into

It contains articles that were previously posted on the site and I had the chance to scan/skim over it and wow, I’d have to say this is a must read for developers at any level (probably even the “guru”s need to have a look at it).

The book is 79 pages short. [more] Yes that is considering the the comprehensive content and not to mention that it includes cover, table of contents and other pages aside from the content itself.

I believe the samples are in C# but since it is really a foundation about programming don’t expect foundations of C# or any other language.

It covers very interesting topics like Agile Development (Test Driven, Domain Driven development/design, Continuous Integration) and other basic stuff like Memory, Exception Handling. Topics where the CodeBetter folks are really good at.

Honestly I haven’t read those articles/post yet but will definitely sit down with this ebook and hold on other readings I regularly do (My Journeyman to Master on Safari is not yet finished).

Thanks to Karl for the effort of putting this together. It’s one thing to write sporadic, uncoherent posts through blogs. It’s another thing to come with such a well written series of articles worthy of a full blown book.