Beginner Developer Learning Center

While surfing around Developer Center links in msdn online I came across the interesting Beginner Developer Learning Center.

a centralized learning environment specifically targeted to beginning programmers. Here you’ll find a rich array of learning content that starts with the very basics, and guides you through step-by-step to becoming a fully-fledged developer!

No experience or programming knowledge required – so dive right in! [more]

In most forums and in real life, one of the most common questions is where to I start if I want to learn programming. The answer would (IMHO) take a very long time to discuss with regards to what language (this in itself could take ages to debate on), learning design vs. syntactics and semantics of a language, web/windows  and the list goes on.

But if you want to skip the issues above and as the site says “dive right in” with primarily Microsoft technologies then this is a good place to start. And though again the debate could go along way with choosing the right tools and platform, being a .NET Developer (with very minimal knowledge on other languages and platform) I can safely say that development with Microsoft is a very good start (if not very till the end).

Currently the first step is figuring out whether the aspiring developer would like to start on web or windows development and then moving forward with Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 developement.

Of course in addition to this, there is always the ASP.NET GetStarted and Learning Site and Windows Client GetStarted and Learning Site (just knew about this too and got redirected when i typed in

Will see if I could update this from time to time or maybe a separate links for learning links. Hope this helps anyone. Enjoy coding!