ASP.NET and ADO.NET Beta Exams Extended

Beta Exam Promo Codes (go share them)

70-561 – beta code = 561B1

70-562 – beta code = 562B1

ASP.NET 3.5 and ADO.NET 3.5 has just been extended until May 4th. [more]

To quote “So, if you are well versed in ADO.NET and ASP.NET, even if you don’t
want the certification, consider taking one of these exams and giving
us your feedback.  They are free!

I would recommend taking the exam for a tons of reasons, including a little push on yourself to learn something new or maybe for the sake for taking an test (when was the last time you took an exam?). A lot of people hate exams but from a cognitive stand point, I think there are likely still things you can only learn from taking exams.

I think the fewer people taking the exams would make the possibility of those few who took it passing higher which might also mean more certified but less qualified people. There is a chance that because of this certifications will no longer be valued OR the bad side is someone getting hired because they have a certification (and you don’t) but only to find out he/she passed because there were only 5 of them who took the exam.

Somehow it feels like despite the certification team’s efforts, there’s not that much interest. Probably because it’s just getting harder to keep up with new technology. Just hope MS certifications don’t devalued that much that fast. If inevitably the industry won’t value them in the future anymore, it won’t be a problem for those who actually knew their stuff rather than just braindumps. But somehow, those lost times, effort, money…  I hope it doesn’t go there Laughing